I must repeat what I said on stage last night at Vauxhall Darts Weekend, some if not almost all of the finals, superb, Leighton Bennett and Connor Arberry, 12 and 16 years old, amazing, stars of the future without any doubt, Connor playing in both the Youth and the Men's finals, that alone speaks volumes, I found it quite difficult to follow such good games, but thank everyone for their support, it was great to finish the festival off with a Q&A, some great questions and I trust some creditable answers, finally a massive well done to Tony Cox and his team, you are a credit to the sport in every way, please continue to encourage and promote in the future.
John Lowe
Well done to Dave Dempsey and the Darts Events 4 U officials for a very well run and enjoyable event at Skegness at their Autumn weekend event, highly recommend a trip to their forthcoming events.
Kevin Painter